How will the item(s) be shipped and what is the cost?

All items are shipped USPS and cost is determined at the time of checkout.

 Do you accept returns?

No. All sales are final. If you are unsure about a piece and would like additional photos before purchasing, please send a request to

 Do the paintings come framed?

Some of the paintings do come framed. Please refer to the product description and/or photos to determine if the piece comes framed.

For those pieces that come framed, no substitutes in the color of the frame allowed.

 Do the sculptures come framed?

Yes.  The sculptures are sold with the frames as seen in the product photos. It is possible to re-frame a sculpture, though it is not advised. Should a sculpture become damaged in the buyer's attempt re-frame it, Leslie Joy Fine Art/Leslie Joy Studio will not be held responsible.

 Do you do commissions?

No. I am not accepting commissions at this time.



For all other inquiries, please email me at