Leslie Joy Ferguson is a self-taught artist who specializes in polymer clay sculptures.

After years of exploring various media, the discovery of polymer clay unlocked a passion that merges sculpting, painting, color, and texture into her signature art form: sculpted clay designs. Inspired by nature, other artists, and everyday moments, her sculptures can be described as “art you can feel with your eyes and see with your hands” because it’s true. The textured forms and intricate details make each piece a feast for the eyes and hands. And the colors are like the icing on the cake.

Lately, her art endeavors have expanded to include abstract painting. Bold colors and lyrical lines are the major themes of this body of work as color takes the lead and texture makes a guest appearance.

"Through form, texture, and color, I invite the viewer to see the ordinary and familiar anew and, ultimately, discover the joy and beauty in art." ~Leslie Joy

Regardless of the medium or process, her intention is the same---to create joy and wonder through her art, and to discover more of herself in the process.

Let the art of Joy help you discover the joy in art.